Yanto ULV 4.5L Fogger Sprayer - Portable Fogging Machine, Disinfectant – LCV PRO
Yanto ULV 4.5L Fogger Sprayer - Portable Fogging Machine, Disinfectant Sprayer for Public Places/Garden/Industrial - 4.5L Capacity Fogger for Disinfection


Yanto ULV 4.5L Fogger Sprayer - Portable Fogging Machine, Disinfectant Sprayer for Public Places/Garden/Industrial - 4.5L Capacity Fogger for Disinfection

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Tank Capacity: 4.5L

Weight: 2.76kg

Wire Length: 16.5ft

Voltage: 100V-120V

Spray Range: 16.5ft-32ft

Spraying Rate: 0-250ml/min (adjustable)


How often should I fog?

You need to take into account and prioritise any cleaning guidelines and regulations that apply to your specific industry sector. However those guidelines will not include specific requirements on fogging because fogging is not a mandatory requirement in itself but is rather a tool that can be used to help you efficiently comply with guidelines.

With that in mind, and with full deferment to specific industry sector protocols, we would suggest as follows (to supplement cleaning, not instead of cleaning):

Hotels, guest houses and B&Bs:

  • Guest bedrooms: fogged in between departure and arrival.
  • Reception areas, dining areas, communal seating indoor and outdoor, corridors, lifts: Daily, or rather nightly.
  • Toilets: if closing toilets for 30 minutes after fogging is too inconvenient or unfeasible then fog once in the night time and use a spray and wipe cleaning schedule for the busier times.

Self-contained holiday rental properties: In between tenants.


  • End of each day for designated rooms as required (classrooms, staff rooms, reception areas, assembly areas etc)
  • Sports facilities and changing facilities - in between each user group

Leisure and sports facilities:

  • Gym equipment and gym areas: often – every 3 or 4 hours with mandatory user spray and wipe protocols after each use.
  • Changing rooms and communal shower & toilet areas – we’d suggest every 3 or 4 hours with more frequent spray and wipe on high touch areas such as handles etc.

Churches & Community Halls:

  • In between each separate group booking for community and church halls and then also at end of day.
  • For church services - in between services when there is more than one service on a single day. For a once daily service then an hour or two before the service is due to start.
  •  (note that colder spaces such a stone floors in churches might take longer for surfaces to completely dry)

Bars and restaurants:

  • In the evening after closing and with tables bare. Then wait until morning to re-lay tables for service. Toilets as per above for hotels.

How long does it take to fog a room?

Obviously that depends on the size of the room and the amount of clutter that needs to be surface-disinfected. But as a rule of thumb a 20m2 hotel room will take about 1 minute. A 50m2 open aspect dining room with minimal clutter will take about 2 minutes. These machines are extremely quick at doing what they do, and they do it very well.

Can the fogger be used outside?

Yes it will work outside and will surface-disinfect whatever you spray it at (outdoor seating areas are a good example) but obviously you need to take into account electrical safety, the impact of wind and the risk of spraying onto people or animals, which should never be done.


1 x Yanto Fogger Sprayer

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Green/Blue Funnel


CE Statement of Conformity

Manufacturer: Yanto Electronics

Country of Origin: PRC


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