LCV PRO is a British medical supply company that has 2 offices in Bristol & London. The company believes in fair pricing and providing an excellent customer experience.

A full-service medical provider that caters for the NHS, B2B, and B2C customers in the UK and an authorised Amazon PPE merchant. With over a decade of experience, LCV PRO promises to deliver their products on time across various foreign and domestic industries.

LCV PRO's goal is to become the preferred medical supplier for B2B & B2C customers in the UK.

Dr. Lister R. Metcalfe, Medical Consultant

Dr. Metcalfe supports LCV PRO by ensuring the correct specifications are met for each product being procured by it’s manufacturers. 

Meeting on a regular basis, Dr. Metcalfe uses his substantial career experience and expertise to advise and contribute valuable insight to LCV PRO, and helping ensure the highest and safest standards continue to be upheld.

Dr. Metcalfe has been a part of the NHS for over 10+ years and continues to excel within his field of expertise.